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Blue Nose Pitbull – Facts & Complete Profile

Blue nose Pitbulls look similar to other Pitbulls, except they have a blue nose. That’s why they are called blue nose Pitbull. They have become a popular breed due to the beauty of their nose. They are rare to find as compared to other Pitbulls. This Pitbull is the purebred American pit bull terrier.

blue nose pitbull

People love Pitbulls due to various reasons. Pitbulls have a wide chest; they look like a little tank. They are loyal and loving. However, if you look at their appearance, they may not look like a friendly dog, but the reality is different. They even love the kids.

We all know, lots of inventions are made in the past centuries. The blue nose pitbull is also the invention of the past century. In this article, we will give you the answers to all your queries regarding blue nose Pitbulls. You will find out why and how the blue nose Pitbulls were bred? Are there any differences between the blue nose and other pitbull breeds? And a lot more. Read the complete article to get in-depth knowledge of this rare pitbull breed.

Blue Nose Pitbull History

It all started in the United Kingdom in the 19th century when the terrier and bulldog were hybridized to give birth to a new muscular and athletic dog, called Pitbull. There is no difference between the regular and blue nose Pitbull, except one has a blue nose, while the other has a regular nose.

These dogs then made crossing from the United Kindom to the United States and became the true American hero dog. At the beginning of the 20th century, Pitbulls earned some respect and started to be used as family pet dogs and in military wars. These brave and loyal dogs also participated in World War 1 in the United States military.

Some Misconceptions About Pitbulls

Many people get scared of Pitbulls, as they believe the Pitbulls are aggressive and scary. They believe it, as some Pitbulls were trained to compete in a dog fight or to fight with criminals, which has given the fearsome reputation to the Pitbulls. Also, you may have noticed; people usually keep the blue nose Pitbulls in kennels because they think these dogs are scary.

If you look at these dogs for the first time, you may find them frightening, but once you adopt a blue nose Pitbull, you will become really comfortable with it, and you may start to love it. In reality, Pitbulls are not naturally aggressive. They can even learn to prevent themselves from unjustified aggression towards other dogs. Pitbulls have a loving nature; they even show affection towards children.

What is a Blue Nose Pitbull? Which Breed Have the Blue Nose?

The major categories of Pitbull include Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and American Pitbull Terrier. A blue nose Pitbull can be any one of them, as it depends on the dog’s genes. They have a blue nose because of the homozygous recessive genes, which produce the pigmentation, causing their nose to turn a slightly bluish-grey color.

In simple words, you can say they are the same Pitbulls as others. However, their nose is blue because of homozygous recessive genes. On the other hand, the regular Pitbulls have a black nose. Having a blue nose doesn’t mean they have any imperfection. Pitbulls can have a black, blue, grey, or red nose, depending upon the genes.

How are the Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies Born?

Even if both parents have blue noses, there is still no guarantee that their puppy will have a blue nose. as it occurs due to the homozygous recessive genes. However, the chances of giving birth to a blue nose puppy increases if both parents have blue noses.

Even if both mother and father Pitbulls have black noses, there is still a possibility that they can give birth to a blue nose Pitbull puppy. The Punnett square diagram can help you in understanding this process. It will help you understand how the recessive and dominant genes work.


punnett square

If you look at this diagram, you can see the capital and lowercase letters. The capital letter represents the dominant genes, while the lowercase letter represents the recessive genes. If both parent bulldogs carry the recessive gene or letter b, they will give birth to a blue nose pitbull puppy. From the diagram mentioned above, we can conclude that there are 25% chances that the newborn puppy will have a blue nose.


The blue nose Pitbull can cost you high. As the blue nose Pitbulls are rare, that’s why many breeders take advantage of this situation and charge a high price for these Pitbulls. Their prices vary, depending upon the breeder. If you plan to buy the blue nose pitbull, make sure to buy it from a reputable breeder. The price can vary from $1000 to $3000. However, they only have a different nose color, but breeders take advantage of it and charge high price than a normal pitbull.

Average Weight and height

height and weight

The height and weight of blue nose Pitbulls can vary, as they are born by mixing different kinds and sizes of other breeds. On average, their height can vary from 1.5 to 2 feet. Similarly, their weight can also vary from 30 to 85 pounds. In simple words, if the pitbull is born as a result of interbreeding with a big bully breed, the chances are their baby pitbull will grow tall and heavy.


The lifespan of these Pitbulls can vary from breed to breed. The blue nose pit of a Staffordshire Terrier can live 12-16 years, while the blue-nosed Pitbull of an American Pitbull Terrier can live 8-15 years.

Appearance of Blue Nose Pitbull

appearance of blue nose pitbull

Their appearance is similar to other Pitbulls but with a blue nose. They have a muscular and athletic look with a wide chest and wedge-like big head. They have short and soft hair. If we talk about the color of these dogs, most commonly, you’ll find these blue nose Pitbulls in silver or white color; however, they can have a different color as well.


1. Loyalty

The biggest benefit of taking blue nose pitbull at home as a pet is its loyalty. It will become your bodyguard and will try to protect you and your family from criminal attacks. But you have to be very careful while socializing the dog. If you don’t socialize the dog properly, it can harm someone who tries to be near you.

2. Intelligence

They are very intelligent dog breeds. That’s why they are easy to train. They love learning new things regularly, and they understand very quickly. If they make up their mind to do something, they try to complete it.

3. Athletic

Pitbulls have a muscular body, which makes these dogs athletic. They are very active, and they love playing, exploring, and running. If you are looking for a good active dog rather than a lazy dog, the blue nose pitbull can be the best pet dog for you. They utilize their energy completely, which results in a complete entire day workout.

The athletic blue nose Pitbulls can also jump a few feet high, which is great. If you own a Blue nosed Pitbull, make sure to teach your pet pitbull where to jump and where to avoid jumping. Otherwise, they may jump on the furniture or on someone, which can harm that person or damage the furniture.

4. Healthy

Though there are some medical conditions in blue nose Pitbulls, which we should concern about, apart from that, they are very healthy and strong. They love eating, which makes them prone to allergies. The good thing about Pitbulls is that even if they eat a lot, they can still prevent overweight because of their active nature. It doesn’t mean all the Pitbulls are immune to overweight. However, the chances of being obese or overweight are very low.

5. Affectionate

Another reason for loving the blue nose Pitbulls is their affectionate nature. They are very loving dogs who love to be around people and love cuddles from their owners. They even love the kids, love to play with them. When they are happy, they have a beautiful smile on their face.

Keep in mind that even if they love kids, you still have to be around while they are playing with kids because they can be over-affectionate, which can hurt the kids.



This strong and athletic Pitbull requires a heavy diet containing high-level protein. Such type of diet may include beef, chicken, and turkey, etc. This diet is full of energy and protein that will keep your pet Pitbull energetic and strong.

As you know, a perfect diet plan includes a mixture of protein, vitamins, carbs, and minerals as well. That’s why you shouldn’t stick only on meet. Along with meat, your dog’s diet plan must include some fruits and vegetables. Provide your pet blue nose Pitbull a complete variety of blueberries, apples, green beans, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. This perfect combo of fruits, vegetables, and meat will help to keep your dog healthy, strong, and full of energy. If you prefer buying ready-made food, make sure to buy organic food that is free of chemicals.

Health Problems

1. Heart Disease

The Pitbulls are likely to suffer from heart disease. Some Pitbulls are born with a heart disease problem. It is a congenital disease of the heart which occurs in the form of aortic stenosis. This disease narrows the opening of the aortic valve, which results in restricting the blood flow from the left ventricle to the aorta. Moreover, there is also a possibility that your blue nose pitbull may suffer from irregular heart rhythm.

You can identify if your pitbull suffers from heart disease by simply taking your dog to the veterinarian. The veterinarian can easily diagnose this problem by listening to your pitbull’s heart rhythm. If the condition is severe, then you may need to take your dog for a further checkup, which may include a chest X-ray or an echocardiogram. They may suggest medication or a diet plan, which will help in the treatment of your dog.

Heart disease symptoms

If your Pitbull is suffering from heart disease, the dog may show the following symptoms:

  • You may notice weakness in your dog
  • Some changes in the dog’s behavior
  • Appetite loss
  • The dog may start coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • The dog may lose or gain weight
  • The body tissue may swell
  • Restlessness

2. Cataracts

In this disease, the dog’s eye lens may get thicker or gets cloudy. The Pitbull may be born with cataracts, or this disease may develop at the very young age of the dog. This disease can develop between one to three years of a dog’s age. There can be various reasons for the development of cataracts, including eye trauma, diabetes, old age. Most commonly, it occurs inherited.

Cataracts can result in blurred vision. It needs to be treated; if left untreated for a long time, it can result in blindness.

Cataracts symptoms

If the blue nose Pitbull suffers from cataracts, it may show the following symptoms:

  • You may notice your dog continuously rubbing the eyes
  • Your dog may hesitate to jump on the furniture or stairs
  • The redness in the eyes
  • Awkward movements
  • A grey, bluish, or white layer on the eyes

3. Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is one of the commons diseases that many dogs may suffer. It is a skeletal disease that occurs due to the malformation of the hip joint ball and socket. Hip dysplasia starts to occur at the early age of dogs when the dog is physically immature. Some dogs like Pitbull are prone to this disease. If you want to protect your Pitbull from this disease, it is necessary to make sure the checkup of your dog at an early age.

If the Pitbull is going to breed, make sure to do the X-ray at two years of its age to prevent hip issues. However, if your Pitbull has developed hip dysplasia, it may require surgery or weight control.

Hip dysplasia symptoms

If your Blue nose Pitbull suffers from hip dysplasia, it may show the following symptoms:

  • The dog may suffer from pain
  • The dog may find it difficult jumping, running, or climbing the stairs
  • You may notice uneven, jerky, or swaying gait of your dog
  • The dog may have irritation in its joint while movement
  • You may notice lameness in the hind end of your dog
  • The narrowing stance

4. Allergies

The Pitbulls are most likely to suffer from allergies, but you don’t need to worry about it, as it’s not really difficult to treat allergies. The skin allergies in the Pitbulls can occur due to environmental allergens or with the food—however, the most common cause of skin allergies in environmental allergens. The environmental allergens may include dust, grass, fleas, and pollen.

The foods that can cause allergy to Pitbulls include corn, rice, beef, and wheat, but the food allergy is not really common in Pitbulls. Allergies can make your dog uncomfortable, so if you want to keep your dog comfortable, it’s better to treat the allergies issue.

The treatment of allergies is very easy. If your dog is suffering from allergies, you should consult with the veterinarian. The treatment may include identifying the cause of the environment allergen and removing it. A veterinarian may also suggest some medications to treat allergy in your blue nose Pitbull.

Allergies symptoms

  • Your dog may start sneezing
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • You may notice the red or scabbed skin of your dog
  • Scratching
  • You may notice the itchiness on the back or base of your dog’s tail
  • Ear infections
  • The watery eyes

5. Hypothyroidism

The dogs contain a gland in their necks, near the voice box, called the thyroid gland. This gland produces hormones called thyroxine. The thyroxine controls the metabolism of the dog. If your blue nose Pitbull is suffering from hypothyroidism, it means its thyroid gland is not working properly, so it’s not producing enough hormones.

You don’t need to worry about this condition, as this condition is easily treatable. You can take your pet Pitbull to the veterinarian. He/she will suggest some medications, which will help to treat the hypothyroidism in your dog.

Hypothyroidism symptoms

If your pitbull has hypothyroidism, it may show the following symptoms:

  • The dog may gain some weight
  • Skin’s black patches
  • Inactive
  • Decreased heart rate
  • Loss of muscles
  • The dog may seem dull
  • The dog may suffer hair loss from the tail, trunk, or the back of the hind legs
  • Infections on the toenail or ear

How Can You Socialize the Blue Nose Pitbull Puppy?

socializing blue nose pitbull

Training the Pitbull puppies to socialize good with humans and other animals is necessary. As mentioned earlier, they don’t like other dogs, so we can train them to love other dogs as well by giving them training. Keep in mind, If the puppy is 3-12 weeks old, it’s the best age to teach the puppy. Start socializing the blue nose Pitbull puppies in the following ways:

1. Begin the training slowly

When you start the process of teaching your puppy to socialize, don’t rush. Teach the puppy slowly; that’s how it will learn. If you rush in this training, it will not give any benefit to both of you. You can’t teach immediately; the process takes time. If you force the puppy to learn quickly, the puppy will not learn to socialize with humans or other dogs. Forcing the puppy to learn quickly will end up scaring it. Moreover, it will also increase the aggression in the puppy due to this bad experience.

2. Take the puppy for a walk

Taking your puppy for a walk is the best way to exercise and teach it how to socialize with others. On a walk, your Pitbull puppy will meet other dogs and people. It will learn how to meet and interact with other people and dogs. Moreover, you can reward your puppy for good behavior, which will make the puppy happy, and creates a good impression in its mind. In this way, your puppy will learn to react with other people and dogs.

While walking, you have to take care of your puppy. Keep an eye on it; make sure the puppy is happy. If you find your puppy uncomfortable in any situation, take it out of that uncomfortable situation. Otherwise, an uncomfortable situation can make your puppy aggressive.

3. Give rewards

Giving rewards is an effective way of making the dog happy. You can reward it with anything that makes the puppy happy, like the puppy’s favorite treat. This is how they’ll learn what’s good behavior and the importance of that behavior for you. The puppy will repeat that good behavior to make you happy.

4. Join puppy classes

The puppy classes are a great way to teach puppies to socialize with others. In these classes, they provide a comfortable and safe environment to the puppies, in which they learn to interact with other humans and puppies. Moreover, you can teach your puppy the basic commands to sit, stay, run, or jump.


blue nose pitbull exercises

Pitbulls are very energetic and strong; that’s why they require regular exercise. Regular exercise will help Pitbulls in staying healthy and maintaining their strength. You can use the following ways in regular exercise of your dog.

1. Play tug with the dog

Many dogs, including the Pitbulls, love the tug play. It’s a great physical and mental exercise for a dog that helps in strengthening the muscles of the dog. Moreover, it also creates a stronger bond between you and your dog. Make sure to get a strong rope that can easily bear the heavy pressure. As Pitbulls are very strong and powerful, a weak rope can be easily broken.

While playing the tug, don’t get scared if the dog makes a playful growl. It’s normal for any dog to make a playful growl while playing the tug.

2. Running

Running is the best exercise, and the best part is Pitbulls love to learn. All you have to do is find a path to run; it can be a park or even the neighborhood. Take your blue nose Pitbull for a regular running. Make sure to run along with your dog to keep the dog in your control. It will help you and your dog in managing the weight and strengthening the muscles.

3. Play Frisbee or flyball with your dog

Playing Frisbee is fun and healthy at the same time. It will keep the dog happy and healthy. You’ll throw the Frisbee, and your dog will run to catch it and then get it back to you. This game is the perfect combination of running, jumping, and leaping. Flyball is also the same, you’ll throw the ball in the air, and the dog will run, catch it, and will get it back to you.

4. Scent walk or smell walk

The dogs have the best sense to smell things; they approximately spend 40 times more volume of the brain to decode the smell as compared to us. They can understand the smell better than us. You can take your dog for a walk to a new area. It will make the dog happy, providing it freedom. The dogs love to smell and explore the area on their own through their nose. It’s a great way to practice the smelling ability.

5. Obstacle exercise

The playground or track with lots of obstacles is a great way to increase the strength and mental focus of a dog. The track may consist of tunnels, jumps, tires, etc. exercise on such tracks helps improve your blue nose pitbull’s physical strength and mental focus.

How to Groom a Blue Nose Pitbull?

grooming blue nose pitbull

Though the blue nose Pitbulls require less grooming, there are still some ways that you need to follow if you own a blue nose Pitbull. The below mentioned ways will help keep your pet dog neat and clean.

1. Give bath to your Pitbull

If you own a Pitbull, you don’t have to give it a bath daily; once a month is enough. It will be great if you use the shampoo while giving your dog a bath. Make sure not to use a regular shampoo, always use a dog shampoo that is skin sensitive. As the dog shampoo is gentler on the skin, preventing the skin from irritation.

Always use water at a moderate temperature. Just as we won’t want to take a bath in super hot or cold water, similarly, your Pitbull will hate to take a bath in super cold or hot water. Check the water before bathing your dog. If you are satisfied with the water temperature, then you can give a bath to your dog with it.

2. Keep a check on their ears

Keep on checking the dog’s ears, as Pitbulls don’t have a long fur around their ears. They can accidentally heart themselves while rubbing their ears. It can cause damage to their ears’ skin. Even bacterias can enter the ears. All these things can cause infection to their ears. That’s why it is necessary to keep an eye on their ears.

If you find any dirt or infection in the ear, clean it immediately. You can clean their ears with a towel or with the dog ear cleaners. Clean the ears with great care; only clean the beginning edges of the ear, do not enter into the canal. It’s risky, as it can push the dirt into the canal, which can cause pain to your pitbull. Once you are done with cleaning, make sure to dry the ears completely. Otherwise, moist ears can help in the growth of bacteria.

3. Regularly brush your dog

Regular brushing is an essential part of your pet dog’s grooming. Regular brushing will not only remove the dirt from your dog’s skin but also create a strong bond between you and your dog. Avoid using a brush with hard bristles; always use a brush with soft bristles. As the Pitbulls have soft skin, so a soft-bristle brush will prevent irritation, and they’ll love being brushed.

What kind of Toys do Blue Nose Pitbulls like?

which toys do blue nose pitbulls like

Pitbulls love to play. You can get some toys for your dog that will make it happy. Whenever you buy toys for your pitbull, make sure to get sturdy or solid toys that are not easily breakable. Though the Pitbulls’ bite is not as strong as some other dog breeds like Rottweiler or Kangal, still it’s strong enough to break some toys into pieces.

You have to be very careful while picking toys for your Pitbull. Pitbulls love chewing, so you can get your dog toys which it can chew, but the toy must be able to bear the bite force of a Pitbull. There are some toys that are appropriate for Pitbull or bully breed; you can get those toys for your pet dog. A few of them are mentioned below:

1. Rubber Bone

A rubber bone can be used for playing purposes. Make sure to get it from a renowned brand. These toy bones are made for playing purposes and can easily bear the bite force of a Pitbull. Your blue nose Pitbull can enjoy chewing these kinds of bones for hours.

2. Chewing stick

The chewing stick can also be used for the playing purpose of a Pitbull. These sticks are usually made with a blend of synthetic material and natural wood fiber. These chewing sticks’ purpose is to provide a natural wood taste to the dog while not hurting the dog’s jaw. Your Pitbull will love to chew such chewing sticks toys.

3. Rubber ball

The blue nose Pitbulls love to play with balls. People throw the tennis ball, and the Pitbull chase the ball, catch it in the air and return it to the owner. However, usually, the tennis balls can’t bear the bite of Pitbulls. The rubber toy balls which are made for dogs can be suitable here. These balls are strong enough to bear the bite of a Pitbull. Even if the Pitbull love to chew the ball, it can chew it and satisfy its chewing desire.

4. Flavored bone

If your dog loves to chew the flavored items, the flavored bones can be the best option to give to your Pitbull.  The flavored bones are usually made with nylon material, containing some kind of flavor, e.g., chicken flavor. These bones are also long-lasting and can bear the bite of a dog like a Pitbull. Your dog can enjoy chewing these flavored bones.

Interesting Facts About Blue Nose Pitbull

1. They are the same breed as other Pitbulls

If the breeder is telling you that the blue nose Pitbull is a separate breed, he/she is lying. They are the same Pitbulls as others, except they have a blue color nose. As mentioned earlier, the cause of having a blue nose is homozygous recessive genes.

If you breed the two dogs with recessive genes, you can increase the chances of giving birth to a blue nose puppy. Still, there is no guarantee that the newborn puppy will have a blue nose, even if both parents have blue noses.

Blue Nose Pitbulls can come from any breed of Pitbulls. However, in most cases, you will find the blue nose Pitbulls from American Pitbull terrier. The point is that they are the same Pitbulls as others, not a separate breed.

2. They are the best jumpers

They love jumping onto the people and jumping to catch items while playing. Pitbull can jump 5-6 feet high in the air. Moreover, they can climb up to the 14 feet vertical wall.

3. They don’t love other dogs

The Pitbulls are friendly with humans, but they don’t like other dogs. If you already have another breed dog at your home, then you shouldn’t get a blue nose Pitbull at home, as it can harm the other dog at your home. However, you can train your Pitbull to socialize with other dogs as well. It can learn to stay happy with other dogs as well.

Keep in mind; it’s not easy to teach the adult Pitbull to love other dogs. However, you can easily train the blue nose Pitbull puppy to socialize with other dogs.

4. They are intelligent and strong

They are very intelligent that they learn things quickly. That’s why they are easy to train. Moreover, they want to please their owners, and they respond to positive behavior. They are strong, energetic, and powerful. So you need to train them to utilize their energy in a good way. Their bite force is 235 psi, though it’s not as strong as Rottweiler and German Shephard, which can bite at 328 and 238 psi, respectively.

By strong, we mean the energy and agility of this Pitbull, not the jaw locking strength. Many dogs have a stronger bite than Pitbulls, e.g., Kangal can bite at 743 psi, which is more than 3x stronger than the Pitbull’s bite force.

5. They love children

We understand that Pitbulls have a very fearsome image due to their history of dogfighting and participating in wars. They are considered aggressive dogs. But let us tell you, in the early 1900s, Pitbulls earn the title of “nanny dog.” The reason was their loyalty and faithful nature with the kids. This is one reason why Pitbulls were one of the most beloved dogs in the United States and England. You just have to train them, and they’ll become loyal and faithful to your children.

6. They are easy to groom

You don’t have to make a lot of effort while grooming these dogs, as it’s very easy to groom them. You don’t even need professional services to groom these dogs. As you know, the blue nose pitbull has a small silky coat, which doesn’t even get dirty easily, as it’s not long enough. You just need a towel to wipe the outer body of this dog.

The Pitbulls have a small fur, containing short hair, which sheds less than other long hair dogs. You can use a deshedding brush for removing unwanted hair, which can make your dog look cool.

7. They are prone to skin conditions

As mentioned earlier, they have a small silky coat, which is beneficial while grooming these dogs, but this short coat can make these dogs prone to skin problems. These Pitbulls can have skin allergies, dry skin, and alopecia.

8. Emotional dogs

They are very emotional dogs. They are able to read and understand your emotions; then, they react when they see their owner. That’s the reason they are the best friend of yours. If you are giving them training, make sure to train them politely; if you Shout at them while training, it can make them scared. In this way, they can become aggressive. They also have human-like emotions. If they get emotional, they can show stubbornness or different kind of behavior.

9. AKC doesn’t recognize Pitbulls

The bad news is that the United States’ reputable organization, the American Kennel Club, doesn’t recognize American Pitbull Terrier and Blue Nose Pitbull as an official breed. However, they recognize the closely related dog breed, the American Staffordshire Terrier, as an official breed.

How to Get a Blue Nose Pitbull?

how to get blue nose pitbull

You can get the blue nose Pitbull from dog breeders. Don’t rush while getting a dog. Keeping the following things in mind:

  • Always buy a blue nose Pitbull from a well-reputed breeder. As the blue nose Pitbulls are rare, so breeders cruelly treat Pitbull with the greed of producing a blue nose Pitbull, which can cause many health problems to the Pitbull. If you are getting it from a well-reputed breeder, you will possibly buy a good dog.
  • Inspect the breeder first before buying the dog. You can read online reviews or ask the customers of that breeder. They will tell you about the breeder. If you are getting positive reviews, you can get the blue nose Pitbull from that breeder.
  • Deeply check the breeder’s area; that area’s condition will clear all the queries in your mind. If that area is clean and the environment is good enough, it means breeders are good.

These points will help you in identifying the good breeder in town. After analyzing the breeder by following the above mentioned points, if the breeder is good, you can buy the blue nose Pitbull from that breeder.

Life of Bruce the Blue Nose Pitbull


Are blue nose Pitbulls easy to train?

Yes, Blue Nose Pits are very easy to train. They are very intelligent, and they pick up instructions quickly. They understand and finish the tasks you give them. You can easily teach them to utilize their strengths in a good way.

Do blue nose pit bulls turn on owners?

It’s a very rare case, but they can turn over their owner in aggression. It can happen if you have a bad incident with your blue nose Pitbull.

What’s the difference between red and blue nose Pitbulls?

They have only difference in a nose color and nothing else. The blue nose Pitbulls have a bluish-grey color nose, while red nose Pitbulls have a reddish-brown or pinkish color nose.

How do I know if my Pitbull is a blue nose?

Just look at the nose of your Pitbull. If the nose is of bluish-grey color, it means your Pitbull has a blue nose. If the nose is of black color, it means you have a regular Pitbull. However, if your Pitbull has a reddish-brown or pinkish color nose, it means your Pitbull has a red nose.

What do blue nose Pitbulls eat?

They eat raw meat or raw meaty bones. You can give them the meat of turkey, beef, and chicken. They can also eat some vegetables and fruits. So, always give a variety of food, instead of giving the same food again and again.

Are Red Nose Pitbulls more aggressive than blue nose?

Both are the same dog, except they have different nose color. Both are loving and friendly. The aggressive nature depends upon the training that you have given them.

Are blue pit bulls dangerous?

The violent history of the Pitbulls and their muscular physique with a wide chest and a big wedge-like head has created their dangerous image in our minds. However, the reality is different. If you correctly train them, they are loving, loyal, and friendly dogs.

Are blue-eyed Pitbulls rare?

No, they are not rare. Pitbull puppies are born with blue color eyes but don’t pay a premium price to breeders for blue eyes, as the blue eyes are not forever. Keep in mind, most dog breeds are born with blue eyes, but once they grow, their eye color starts to become dark. The reason for blue eyes is the low melanin production in dogs; once they grow, melanin production increases as well, which darkens the eye color.

Final Words

Blue Nose Pitbull is the same Pitbull as other Pitbulls; the only difference is the color of the nose. They have a blue-colored nose, while other Pitbulls have a regular black color nose, few have a red color nose as well. These Pitbulls are rare; that’s why they are expensive due to their unique nose color.

They are very loyal, loving, and friendly. However, they have a bad repute in people’s minds due to their past, but the reality is different. Moreover, Pitbulls are very strong and energetic. You can get a blue nose Pitbull and make it your pet dog.