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Are Blue Nose Pitbulls Good Guard Dogs?

You might be looking for a good guard dog, and If you consider blue nose Pitbulls good guard dogs, you may need to reconsider your decision. No doubt blue nose Pitbulls are very loving dogs. Their aggressive image, muscular body, high energy level make people think that these can be good guard dogs as well. But, the reality is not what you always believe. Looks can be deceptive.

Are Blue Nose Pitbulls Good Gaurd Dogs

Let us tell you, blue nose Pitbulls are not good guard dogs. Why are they not good guard dogs? We’ll explain this answer in this article. Read the complete article if you want to know the reasons behind this.

Why are Blue Nose Pitbulls Not Good Guards?

Because they are very loving dogs, they love humans. They love playing and having fun. They can do anything to please their owners and people. The blue nose Pitbulls enjoy getting praised by people. That’s why they love to please people as well, and it doesn’t matter whether you are its owner or stranger.

The blue nose Pitbulls love to perform different stunts in order to get the attention of people, as they are known as attention seekers. That’s why you can’t use these dogs guard dogs. If you want a loving dog that can release your stress with its acts, then blue nose pitbull is good for you, but they can’t be good guard dogs.

Moreover, if you notice, blue nose Pitbulls love being around people. They love happily jumping on the people and show their love. These dogs even love kids; they know how to show their affection to kids. However, they can have a temperament issue, but that’s a rare case. In general, they love all people, so a dog who loves people irrespective of who they are, how can such a dog be a good guard dog? Definitely not.

Are Blue Nose Pitbulls Protective of their Owners?

Are Blue Nose Pitbulls Protective of their Owners

The blue nose Pitbulls easily get attached to their owners; they can do anything to please their owners. If they feel that their owner is in danger, then they will definitely protect their owner. Now, don’t mix this personal protection with the guard dogs because guard dogs are different. Guard dogs are also known as watchdogs that stay alert all the time. If someone tries to enter your premises illegally, they will make you alert, and also, they will attack the intruder on your behalf. With good and professional training, a blue nose Pitbull can become a guard dog, but you may need to hire a professional trainer for that purpose.

Final Words

The blue nose Pitbulls can’t be good guard dogs because they love being around people and love playing with them. If you want a loving dog, you should choose this dog; however, if you want a good guard dog, go for another dog because blue nose Pitbulls are not suitable for that job.

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