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Are Blue Nose Pitbulls Hypoallergenic?

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If you are allergic to dogs and want to adopt a blue nose Pitbull, you’ll want to know, are blue nose Pitbulls hypoallergenic? We hope this article will help to finalize your decision that either you should adopt a blue nose Pitbull or go for another dog.

Are Blue Nose Pitbulls Hypoallergenic

First of all, you will not find any dog that is entirely non-allergic, as according to Mayoclinic, there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog breed. However, some dog breeds are cause few allergic symptoms, and some cause more.

A lot of people believe that dogs’ fur is the real source of allergy, but it is not the truth. The actual source of allergy is protein. This protein is found in dog’s urine and saliva. However, this protein gets attach to the dander of the dog. So when the dogs shed, that protein which is stuck to the dander gets released into the air and causes allergy to the people. That’s the reason that many dog breeders market few dogs as hypoallergenic because that dog doesn’t shed. Still, they may lose some hair; even hair is small. We can say that these dogs cause few allergy symptoms to other people compared to dogs that shed a lot.

What about the blue nose Pitbulls? Are blue nose Pitbulls hypoallergenic? The answer is No because they shed throughout the year. Even though blue nose Pitbulls have a single coat and have small size hair, they still shed. However, with proper care, you can reduce the shedding frequency of blue nose Pitbulls.

Why are Blue Nose Pitbulls Considered Non-Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Neither blue nose Pitbulls are too much allergic, nor are they hypoallergenic. As mentioned earlier, blue nose Pitbulls are short-haired dogs, having a small coat fur, and they shed throughout the year. During shedding, dander also comes out along with the hair. That small hair, along with danders, can flow into the air or stick to the furniture or to the owner. Due to their small size and lightweight, they can easily move and keep rotating into the house. That’s how allergy can easily transfer from blue nose Pitbull to the other members of the house.

Shedding or dander are not the only reasons for allergy. Saliva is another cause of allergy. Pitbulls drool while waiting for the food or due to some other reason. If Pitbull drools, its saliva can stick to any household item nearby or on the floor, which can become dry after some time. Dry saliva can become airborne and cause allergy to the house members. That’s why if you notice saliva stuck to any item, clean it immediately. As mentioned earlier, the real source of allergy is protein which is present in the urine and saliva. That’s why you have to be very careful with that as well.

How Can You Minimize the Allergens of Blue Nose Pitbull in Your Home?

There are few tips that you can follow to minimize your blue nose Pitbull’s allergens. It will help both of you in living peacefully.

1- Keep your dog clean

Keep your dog clean; give baths at least once or a maximum of two a month. Use a good quality shampoo while bathing your dog; don’t use harsh shampoos. A good shampoo is beneficial for treating dander or dandruff. Don’t expose your dog to hot temperatures; it will make it sweat, which can also be the reason for allergy. Regularly clean your dog’s teeth. Keeping your dog clean can reduce the chances of allergy.

2- Keep your home clean

Keep Your Home Clean

When the dog plays, walk, run, or jump into your house, its hair and dander can be scattered into the house. Moreover, if the dog drools, its saliva can stick to any household item. All these things are allergy causes. If you want to minimize your blue nose Pitbull dog’s allergens, make sure to keep your house clean. Keeping the house clean helps to remove hair, danders, and saliva from the house. Thoroughly clean your house, and then don’t forget to use a vacuum cleaner. As the Pitbull’s hair is so small, it may not be easily visible to your eyes. Using a vacuum cleaner will help to remove that hair and danders from your floor and furniture easily.

3- Brush hair

Due to the short coat, it’s really easy to brush Pitbull’s hair’s blue nose. Take a dog hairbrush and brush your dog’s hair. Remember, hair brushing is also good for reducing the shedding frequency of dogs. Moreover, all the broken hair will fall in one place that will become easy for you to clean the area. That’s how you can reduce the spread of allergen.

4- Wash your hands after grooming or playing with your dog

Wash Hands After Petting Blue Nose Pitbull

Don’t forget to wash your hands after grooming or playing with your dog as the dander or hair can stick to your hand, which can cause allergy. If you wash your hand thoroughly, it can save you from allergies. That’s why make it your habit to run towards the sink and wash hands immediately after grooming your dog’s fur.

5- Don’t let your blue nose Pitbull lick you

Don't let your blue nose pitbull lick you

We all know Pitbulls love humans very human. That’s why they may want to lick their owner to show affection and love. Saliva will be transferred from Pitbull’s mouth to you, which will bring allergen as well. That’s why it’s better to avoid licking than to receive allergen. There are a lot of other ways to show affection, like giving toys to your dog.

6- Give a good diet to your dog

A good diet can reduce the shedding frequency of dogs, thus reducing the allergen. That’s why always feed your Pitbull a good and healthy diet. A good combination of proteins, vitamins, carbs, fatty acids is beneficial for the dog. Feed a complete variety of fruits, vegetables, and meats to your dog. Consider adding omega-3 fatty acid in your dog’s diet as well, as it reduces the dryness of skin and danders.

7- Consider hard floors instead of woven fabric carpets

Remove Carpets from Your Home

Woven fabric carpets are suitable if you have a pet dog at your home because it locks the hair and dander in it. Once the hair or dander are stuck in the carpet, they are not easy to remove. Even a good vacuum cleaner can’t remove the 100% hair and danders from it. On the other hand, hard floors are highly suitable if you have a pet dog at home, as if the hair or danders fall on the floor, it doesn’t get locked or stick hardly to it. You can easily remove them with a vacuum cleaner.

8- Don’t sleep with your dog

Don’t Sleep With Your Dog

Give your dog a separate space to sleep, don’t sleep with your dog on your bed. Cuddling for long hours may expose you to allergies.

9- Visit doctor frequently

We are talking about you, not your dog. You should visit a doctor and ask him/her for allergy medicines. Even you are taking full care, washing your hands frequently, still visiting the doctor is better for you. Those medicines will help you fight allergies.

Final Words

The blue nose Pitbulls are not hypoallergenic. Neither are they extremely allergic nor too hypoallergenic. If you are sensitive to allergies, then you have to be careful with these dogs. We recommend you adopt a dog that can cause fewer allergy symptoms. However, if you wish to adopt a blue nose Pitbull, then you can bring some changes in your life, as mentioned above, that will help you live peacefully with blue nose Pitbulls.

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