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Blue Nose Pitbull Colors – 6 Different Colors

Just like other dogs, there are many blue nose Pitbull colors. Even all of them have a blue nose, but their coat color can vary. The most common colors are silver, grey, white, or grey fur with white patches. The blue nose Pitbulls are not limited to only these colors; they can come in different color coats as well; however, other colors are not very common. This article will discuss their common and rare colors.

Blue Nose Pitbull Colors

6 Different Colors of Blue Nose Pitbull

Blue Nose Pitbull Grey

Blue Nose Pitbull Grey Color

It is clear from the name that these Pitbulls have a blue nose with a grey color coat. The coat is short and silky, which makes it easy to groom. The grey color coat is very common among the blue nose Pitbulls. If you look closely, you will find out that the color is mainly bluish-grey; however, they are famous for grey color. The grey color blue nose Pitbulls don’t have a plain color coat. Their upper part of the body is covered with a grey color coat, while the bottom part (from neck to rear legs) has a white color wide patch or multiple patches.

Blue Nose Pitbull Black

Blue Nose Pitbull Black

They are also the blue nose Pitbulls but with the black color coat. The coat’s length is also short, and its also silky, just like the grey color coat. Most of the black color Pitbulls are have a plain color coat, unlike the grey color. However, you may find some black color blue nose Pitbulls with some white patches on their coat. This color is also common among them.

Blue Nose Pitbull White

Blue Nose Pitbull White Color

You may find some of the blue nose Pitbull dogs with the white color coat. Just like other colors, coat size is the same for the white color. You will find these dogs in a short and silky white color coat. The plain colors like black or white make these dogs look very cute. Most people prefer to adopt a dog with a plain color coat. If you are one of them, you can fulfill your desire by adopting the blue nose Pitbull of a white, black coat, depending upon your choice.

Blue Nose Pitbull Brindle

Blue Nose Pitbull Brindle

The brindle color is not very common among them. Still, you will find some of them with the brindle color coat. What is brindle color? It is actually multiple colors, a brown color base containing black or dark brown straps. If you are a brindle color lover, you can get a blue nose Pitbull in brindle color as well.

Blue Nose Pitbull Fawn

blue nose pitbull fawn

It is also a rare color among them. Their coat color gives the light yellowish tan color look. Just the like grey color, these blue fawn Pitbulls also have white patches on their coat. The upper part of their coat is fawn in color, while the bottom part contains a big wide white patch. The fawn colored blue nose Pitbulls look cute in their color.

Blue Nose Pitbull Tri-Color

Blue Nose Pitbull Tri Color

It’s a rare case, but you may also find some blue nose Pitbulls with a tri-color coat. Those three colors include white, grey, and fawn. The upper coat color is grey, then a few parts of their legs are fawn. The neck and paws are white. There is also the possibility; they may contain white or brown patches all over the coat.

What color eyes do blue nose Pitbulls have?

blue nose pitbull eye color

When the blue nose Pitbulls are born, they have blue colored eyes; however, their eyes color change with time. Their eyes’ color starts to become dark as they grow up. That’s why, never pay extra money for blue-eyed pitbull, as the blue color will disappear once they are fully grown up.

Final Words

However, all the blue nose Pitbulls have a blue color nose, but their coat color can vary. The common coat colors are grey, white, and black. The rare colors are brindle and fawn; they can also come in tri-colors.



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