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Blue Nose Pitbull Price? Can You Negotiate?

As it is a rare Pitbull dog, so people are curious to know about blue nose Pitbull price. No doubt, they are the same Pitbulls as others, except they have a blue nose. However, the blue nose has also made these dogs very expensive. Breeders know that these dogs are hard to produce; that’s why they take advantage of this situation and charge price. Moreover, people are willing to pay a high price just because of a blue nose’s beauty.

blue nose Pitbull price

If you are thinking of adopting a blue nose Pitbull, it’s your right to know how much does a blue nose Pitbull costs? It can save you from paying an extra price. Otherwise, the breeder can ask you for a price that he doesn’t deserve.

This article will share the detailed info of blue nose Pitbull prices, as the prices are not fixed. Prices vary, depending upon the breeder and the breed of blue nose Pitbull. Blue Nose Pitbull is not a separate breed; however, this dog can be American Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Moreover, their age and coat color also vary. A fully grown blue nose Pitbull dog price will be different from a puppy’s price. All these factors play a major role in determining the price of these dogs. We will share the accurate estimate of prices, so you have a clear idea about these dog’s cost. This information can save you from the fraud of breeders. Otherwise, breeders can charge you a really high price.

How much does a blue nose Pitbull cost?

Generally, they can cost around $1000 to $3000. The reason for charging such a high price is their high demand and rare production. No doubt, both blue nose parents increases the chance of giving birth to a blue nose puppy. Still, there is no 100% chance that blue nose parents will give birth to a blue nose puppy. That’s the reason they are rare compared to other Pitbulls. Moreover, people love to adopt these Pitbulls; that’s why breeders charge a high price, taking advantage of this situation.

Breeders may ask for a high price

You have to beware of scams. The breeder may try to deceive you by telling some lies about the blue nose Pitbull. He might say this dog has extra power, more agility, and more loyalty than the regular Pitbull. So he may ask for an extra price. But you have to understand; there is no difference between a regular Pitbull and a blue nose Pitbull. Both are the same, except one has a blue nose. Blue Nose is not a separate breed; it’s the same breed. However, they have a blue nose due to homozygous recessive genes.

So you are paying the price just for the beauty of the nose and nothing else. Keep this thing in mind; you are buying a Pitbull, not a magical dog. So pay the price that it deserves. It’s better to buy from a reputable breeder; this is how you can minimize the chances of being scammed.

Moreover, do proper research before going to buy a dog. You should have proper knowledge about this dog; so you can negotiate properly and pay the right price.

Can you negotiate the price of the blue nose Pitbull?

It depends on the breeder. Some breeders may give you some discounts, but some won’t. If you are already buying the dog from a reputable breeder, you shouldn’t expect a bargain on the price, as he must be already charging a fair price.

Breeders spend a lot of money on raising a dog or in the process of breeding. The costs include electricity, staff, taxes, place rent (possibly), etc. That’s why they may expect you to pay a full price. However, if you are buying from a breeder, which you think is charging a high price, you should ask him to negotiate.

Final Words

The blue nose Pitbull prices vary from breeder to breeder. Some may charge a fair price, and some may demand unjustified money. The high demand and rare production of these dogs have made them expensive dogs compared to regular Pitbulls. So, if you want a beauty of blue nose, you can buy these dogs even at a premium price. But keep the thing in mind while buying blue nose Pitbulls. They are the same Pitbulls, except they have a unique nose color. So you are paying extra for the different nose color, not for the extra characteristic or qualities.


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