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Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies Care Guide

Do you own blue nose Pitbull puppies? Then you have to take care of those blue nose Pitbull puppies. We understand you are passionate and want to do your best; still, you have to keep few things in mind that will help you taking care of your blue Pitbull puppies in the best possible way. This article will give and explain all those tips that are essential for taking care of puppies.

Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies Care

If you do proper care, you will raise that puppy to become a well-civilized, happy, and healthy Pitbull dog. On the other hand, not taking proper care may make your blue nose Pitbull puppy become a violent, aggressive, disobedient, or lazy dog. So, it will be best if you consider it an essential part of training your blue Pit. Now you don’t have to worry anymore because we are here to make your life easy. Just follow the mentioned-below essential tips.

Essential Tips to Take Care of Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies

1- Begin the training from the first day

Begin Training From the First Day

When you receive a puppy from the breeder, it must be few weeks old. Even breeders do whatever is necessary for taking care of them once the puppy is in your house; it’s your duty to start training right away. Why do you need to start training from the first day? Because you don’t want your dog to become a disobedient dog, right? Pitbulls already have a very bad reputation; however, they behave negatively due to the owner’s careless behavior.

The blue nose Pitbull is a puppy; the way you teach it will become like that. That’s why you should start its training from the first day so that when it becomes a big dog, it should be an obedient and well-civilized dog. Proper training with great care is the main element in a dog’s behavior. You can follow a complete guide for training your blue Pit. A well-trained blue nose Pitbull follows your every command and gives you proper respect.

You can hire a well-experienced dog trainer for your puppy. He/she can teach your puppy basic commands and manners. Basic commands include sit, stand, come, and stop, etc. These commands can help you prevent your dog if it is involved in some wrong activity.

2- Regular checkups with the veterinarian

Regular checkups with the veterinarian to take proper care of blue nose pitbull puppies

Even though you got the vaccinated blue nose Pitbull from the breeder, your dog probably still needs vaccination. That’s why you have to visit the veterinarian, so he/she can guide you on this. You should know that Pitbulls are prone to many health conditions; that’s why regular checkups are mandatory to take good care of blue nose Pitbull puppies. Regular checkups and vaccination (if needed) can prevent your dog from many health issues.

The basic vaccination which puppies get will be given to your eight weeks old Pitbull puppy. Then after 3-4 weeks, a booster is also given to puppies. Then it will be best if you keep visiting the veterinarian. He/she will let you know about further vaccines.

Also, regular checkups will also help you monitor if your puppy is growing properly. If there is an issue in the growth of a puppy, the veterinarian can guide you on that. That’s how you can raise your puppy in a good and healthy way.

3- A healthy diet is recommended to take care of blue nose Pitbull puppies

Give healthy diet to blue nose pitbull puppies if you care

Diet is the main element in the health, growth, and energy of dogs. That’s why you have to make sure you are feeding a healthy diet to the puppy. When the puppy is small, feed it soft dry foods two to three times a day. However, when its teeth start growing, then feed vegetables, fruits, and meats. A perfect diet plan contains proteins, vitamins, carbs, essential fats, and minerals. That’s why you should feed various foods instead of sticking to just one kind of food so that the puppy gets are the required nutrients required for its perfect growth.

As the puppy is small, so break up the meal into small pieces instead of feeding large pieces. If you want to take good care of your blue nose Pitbull puppy, then never feed an inferior diet to it. Diet not only helps in growth and development but also saves from many health issues. You can also consult with the veterinarian about the diet. He/she can also guide better about it.

4- Give good toys to your puppy

Give Toys to Your Puppy

Remember, dogs love to chew, so you have to keep this thing in mind. Providing fun time is another way to take care of blue nose Pitbull puppies. Chewing is a soothing activity for dogs. Moreover, as the puppy is growing up, its teeth are also growing. During this process, their gum gets sored. Chewing makes them feel better in this time. You can give your puppy chew toys so that it can have fun with them.

When looking for chew toys, make sure to read the description of toys. Some chew toys are made for big dogs; that’s why these toys are strong, not suitable for puppies. Only big dogs with strong jaws can use these toys. So don’t buy chew toys that are made for big dogs. You should look for chew toys that are made for puppies; these toys are relatively soft.

5- Exercise

Dog Exercise

It is also an important thing if you truly care about your pup. We are not talking about heavy exercise; of course, it is just a puppy, so a walk is enough. Exercise plays a very important role in keeping the dog healthy and happy. Take your puppy for a 15 minutes walk twice a day. If you find an area with a lot of space, let your pup run around. The puppy may feel and enjoy the freedom in this time.

You can also play small games with your puppy, like playing fetch; that’s how you can keep your puppy engaged and energetic.

6- Socializing

Socialize Your Puppy

Socializing helps dogs interact with different people and behave in different situations; that’s why you can’t ignore its importance. Your Pitbull can involve in various situations like, it can be in a crowd, in a public park, riding in a car; the puppy should know how to deal with every situation. If the puppy is well-socialized, it can easily deal with all kinds of situations. On the other hand, if the puppy is not socialized properly, it can become anxious and show unexpected behavior.

The best way to socialize a dog is at its early age because that’s the best age for learning. The best time to learn is when your puppy is between 3 weeks to 18 weeks old. During this age, the puppy easily absorbs new information. That’s the time when you can teach your puppy and make it comfortable in various situations.  You can introduce your Pitbull puppy to different people and animals to make it comfortable with them. Then you can give your puppy treats on meeting with people. Treats will help your puppy relate to people and animals with good things, so it will behave well whenever it meets people and animals. That’s how you can decrease the chances of unexpected or aggressive behavior of your blue nose Pitbull.

Keep in mind; the puppy won’t be comfortable suddenly with all the situations. Start introducing different situations gradually. With time, it will become comfortable with all kinds of situations.

7- Spay the blue nose Pitbull puppies

If you don’t have any plan to breed your blue nose Pitbull in the future, you should consider spaying or neutering it. Don’t be too quick in spaying your dog; wait for the right time. Once your dog reaches the right age, when spaying is safe, then you can go for this process. Spaying can save your dog from unwanted breeding. Talk with the veterinarian about the right age for spaying.

There are a lot of other benefits of spaying your blue nose Pitbulls. Spaying prevents female dogs from breast tumors and uterine infections. While spaying or neutering the male dogs can prevent them from testicular cancer and few prostate problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you bathe a blue nose Pitbull?

You shouldn’t give too much bath to these dogs., once a month is enough. Moreover, you can also give a maximum of six months between baths, depending upon the condition. If your dog is much dirty and requires a bath, then don’t wait for that much.

Do blue nose Pitbulls like to cuddle?

They love to cuddle. The blue nose Pitbulls don’t have much fur on their body; that’s why they crave cuddling to keep themselves warm and cozy.

Final Words

Just like other puppies, blue nose Pitbull puppies also require special care. With proper care, you can raise a well-disciplined, energetic, and healthy dog. You can also save your puppy from a lot of health issues. That’s why we tried to cover all the important points that will help you keeping good care of your puppy. Don’t forget to read and remember all those points mentioned above, and try to follow all of them.


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