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Blue Nose Pitbull Temperament – Shocking Reality

Do you know about the blue nose Pitbull temperament? Many people think that this dog is very violent, aggressive, and badass. The historic fights and training of these dogs have created a horrible image in people’s minds. That’s why many people are scared of them. But, the reality is the opposite. They are not such badass, and violent dogs as many people believe. In this article, we will tell you about the blue nose Pitbull temperament in detail. Read the complete article if you want to get familiar with this dog. After reading this whole article, we believe that all the misconceptions about blue nose Pitbull dog will be cleared from your mind.

Blue Nose Pitbull Temperament

(ATTS) American Temperament Test Society Test on Pitbull

If you don’t know, then let us tell you, blue nose Pitbulls are also the regular Pitbulls, except they have a blue nose. According to the test taken by ATTS, 814 out of 931 Pitbulls passed the temperament test, which means that 87.4% of Pitbulls have passed this test, which is really good. So, we can say that Pitbulls have a really good temperament.

ATTS test focuses on several factors, including friendliness, shyness, stability, aggressiveness, and how the dog behaves while protecting its owner. The test takes the dog on a regular walk in the park, where the dog experience tactile, visual, and auditory stimuli. Dog faces friendly, neutral, and threatening situations. Based on these variables, they determine that either the dog can distinguish between threatening and non-threatening situations or not.

The Temperament of a Blue Nose Pitbull Dog


They are stubborn, that’s why you may find it difficult training them. If they are up for something, they are going to do it.

Loving and Loyal

They are very loving towards the human. They love their owner and the children. If you want to adopt them for your protection, they can’t be a good option, as they have a friendly nature with humans.

Aggressive temperament of blue nose Pitbull towards other animals

Pitbulls are extremely aggressive toward other animals, as they hate other animals. So it’s not a good idea to pet another animal along with them in your house, as they can harm other animals. However, with proper socialization, you can teach your them not to harm other pets, but still, it’s a risk.


They are very intelligent; they pick instructions very quickly. So whatever you want to teach them, you can easily teach them. They will understand quickly and will respond accordingly.

Why are People Wronged About Blue Nose Pitbull Temperament?

Because in the past, these dogs were bred to fight with criminals and compete in the war. They were trained to compete in dog fights, fight with criminals, show aggression towards other dogs, which made these dogs aggressive. That’s why many people don’t want to adopt these dogs. Let us tell you, the aggression in blue nose Pitbull was the result of training that was given at that time. Moreover, they hate other dogs.

But if you give them proper training, they can become a loving dog of your family, providing safety to your family. However, if you can’t train them properly, we suggest you avoid adopting them because, without proper training, you can’t minimize the aggression in these dogs. If you can give proper time training blue nose Pitbull, you can adopt these dogs and make them part of your family. With proper training, you can train these dogs to become loving and friendly.

Final Words

The blue nose Pitbull has an excellent temperament. Pitbulls have passed the ATTS test for temperament with 87.4%. They are loving, loyal, stubborn, Intelligent, but they hate other animals. Their behaviors are based upon the training. If you train them well, they will be an excellent pet dog.

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