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Blue Nose Pitbull Training – 7 Practical Tips

By giving proper training to your blue nose Pitbull, you can make it the obedient part of your family. Just like every other dog, Pitbulls also require proper training. Training plays an important role in the behavior of the dog. The way you train your blue nose Pitbull, it will become like that.

Blue Nose Pitbull Training

Pitbulls have a very bad reputation due to their past, as they were used in dog fights and wars. Many people believe that blue nose Pitbulls are very aggressive, and that’s why they fear this dog, which is very wrong. The aggressiveness in the Pitbulls resulted from the negative training that was given to them at that time. However, blue nose Pitbulls have a very loving nature; they love humans, especially children. Their response totally depends upon the training. If you train them well, they will show very positive behavior.

If you are still confused, how will you train your blue nose Pitbull? Then you don’t have to worry anymore. As we will share all those proven tips that will help train your blue nose Pitbull. This article contains a complete blue nose Pitbull training guide. Read the complete article if you want to train your dog in the best possible manner. We hope, after reading this whole article, you will be able to train your dog.

Most Effective Tips for Training the Blue Nose Pitbull

Train with dog sports

Training of Blue Nose Pitbull with Dog Sports

Blue Nose Pitbulls are highly energetic dogs; that’s why you’ll enjoy training them. They perform really well in dog sports; they play with energy and agility. So, you can take advantage of dog sports while training your blue nose Pitbull. It will be fun for both of you, and you can reinforce positive behavior in your dog with sports. Moreover, it will also create a strong and positive bond between you and your dog. These sports also provide great exercise and mental stimulation to the dogs.

Teaching your blue nose Pitbull its name

Teach your dog Its Name

Every owner wants to call his/her dog by its name. You must have given your blue nose Pitbull a name; if you haven’t decided on a name yet, please check different blue nose Pitbull names. Whenever you decide on a name for your dog, it’s important to teach your dog that name, so whenever you call that name, your name listens to it and act accordingly.

Whenever you teach your blue nose Pitbull its name, always stay above the eye level, maintain eye contact, and call its name. Ensure your Pitbull understands whenever you call its name. It’s important to stay above the eye level; it lets the dog know that you are in charge.

Every time you call your blue nose Pitbull’s name, it responds to its name, reward your dog. Perform this step several times a day until your dog understands its name. If you successfully teach your dog its name, it will help you in all training steps, as every time you call its name, your dog will know that you are in charge, and it will act according to your command.

Socialize your blue nose Pitbull

socialize blue nose pitbull

Socializing is an essential part of the training. It’s better to start socializing at the early age of your blue nose Pitbull. Socializing makes the dog comfortable with different people, and it also teaches the dog to behave in different situations. More early you start the socialization of your blue nose Pitbull, the better it will be for your dog because that’s how your dog will become comfortable with different people at its early age. Moreover, your dog will know at its early age that how to respond to different situations.

Take your blue nose Pitbull for a walk, let your dog see and meet different children, men, women, and other animals. Let your dog discover new things on its own. However, always stay close to your dog, never leave your dog alone.

Teach your dog to stay positive with other dogs

It’s true that blue nose Pitbull hates other dogs; it only loves humans. Even if you look at these dog’s past, they have a history of competing in dog fights; they have no soft corner for other dogs. That’s why you have to teach your dog to love other dogs as well, consider it the important part of the training.

If you want to teach your blue nose Pitbull to behave well with other dogs, then you have to take control of your dog first. Your dog should obey your commands. So, whenever you take your near to other dogs, your Pitbull listens and obeys your command. Just keep on practicing giving different commands to your dog in different situations, so it always follows your command. It’s really important because your Pitbull can be distracted by other dogs in the park, but if it listens to you, then you can keep your control over your dog, and that’s how you can teach your Pitbull to behave positively with other dogs.

Positive reinforcement

positive reinforcement

It’s a very effective strategy to train a blue nose Pitbull. This is the smartest strategy that will reinforce your dog’s positive behavior and help train your dog quickly. In this strategy, you can reward your dog for its positive behavior or when it learns something new. It is also known as dog treat training.

The dog will love to follow your directions in eagerness to get a reward from you. Moreover, your blue nose Pitbull will also know that it is getting a reward for its positive behavior; that’s how it will continue to behave positively in different situations, just like a good boy. You can reward your dog with anything that makes it happy. It can be its favorite meals or toys.

Make your blue nose Pitbull eligible for a Canine good citizen certificate

AKC gives a canine good citizen certificate reward to dogs with good manners. AKC has started a program in which it tests dogs on ten steps. If a dog passes this program, it receives a canine good citizen certificate from AKC. This program aims to show that if a dog is trained well, it can be a good dog. In the CGC program, a dog master ten basic skills, those skills involve obedience, passing through the crowd, etc. once the dog learns those skills, it competes in a test. After passing the test, the dog receives a certificate.

If your blue nose Pitbull receives this certificate, you will have proof to show to your neighbors and friends that you have a well obedient dog. Moreover, you have to chance to change the Pitbull’s perception in people’s minds. Most people believe that Pitbull is a dangerous and scary dog. You can prove them wrong by showing the proof of its loving nature

Potty training of blue nose Pitbull

Potty training is also important if you want to make your blue nose Pitbull a civilized dog. If you don’t know how to potty train a blue nose pitbull puppy, we will help you out here. You have to establish a routine for your dog. Take your dog outside every two hours at a specific spot where it can go potty. Moreover, you have to take your dog to the potty spot immediately after eating, waking up, or drinking.

Whenever your dog is doing potty, use a specific word to teach your dog that this word is associated with the potty. When your Pitbull is done with the potty, reward it immediately after that. Don’t reward before it finishes potty or after a long time; reward immediately after the dog finishes the potty. It will help your dog know that this is the spot where it should go potty, and it should leave the spot only after finishing it.

If you want to be fully aware of your dog’s potty schedule, then fix its feeding schedule. You may have to feed your blue nose pitbull 3-4 times a day, depending upon its age, so fix the feeding time. It will help to follow the potty schedule as well easily, as the dog will go potty at the fixed time.

Final Words

Training your blue nose Pitbull can be fun and challenging at the same time. The behavior and how your dog will respond to different situations totally depend upon the way you give your dog training. That’s why it is necessary to follow the complete guidelines and tips that we have mentioned in this article. These guidelines will help to make your blue nose Pitbull a good and well-mannered member of your family.

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