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Can Blue Nose Pitbulls Swim? Are They Good Swimmers?

Generally, we believe that most of the dogs can swim, but can blue nose Pitbulls swim as well? If you own a blue nose Pitbull, and you are planning to go on a picnic to the ocean or river, you should know whether your dog can swim or not. Even if you are not going to a picnic, you may want to find out because you are not sure whether to put your blue nose pit in the swimming pool in your house or not.

Can Blue Nose Pitbulls Swim

We understand, currently, a lot of questions are going on in your mind. Like, can blue nose Pitbulls swim? Are they good swimmers? Just relax and read the entire article. All your queries will be answered in this article. Yes, blue nose Pitbulls can swim, but they are not good swimmers. If you put them in the water, they will start swimming. If you ever put them in the water, make sure to take all the safety measures, and don’t put them in deep water if you genuinely care about your dog.

Why are Blue Nose Pitbulls Not Good Swimmers?

Because it’s really difficult for them to maintain a balance in the water, they have a big head and broad chest, short muzzle, and small hinds. Such type of body proportion put their body’s center of gravity towards the front side. They have to make a real struggle to keep their head above the water. Due to this, they get tired quickly in the water. That’s why they find it really hard to swim.

Now you may wonder, what short muzzle has to do with swimming? We’ll it matters a lot. Their muzzle isn’t that short if you compare them with dogs like a pug or French bulldog, but the muzzle is short according to their face’s size. Due to their short muzzle, it’s hard for them to keep their nose and mouth above the water. It’s not easy to maintain a position where the back goes down and the head goes up for a long time. That’s why there are many chances that the water gets stuck in the nose instead of air.

Moreover, they have a muscular physique, and their muscles are denser than the water. That’s why they may have a hard time floating on the water. If you introduce them to water at a younger age with proper training, they may become a good swimmer.

If we compare them with other good swimmer dogs like Labrador Retriever, Newfoundland, and Portuguese Water Dog, blue pits are definitely not as good swimmers as them. The reason is their facial structure, body structure, and limb movements.

Moreover, they can get gold in the water easily. Because they don’t have a water-repellant coat, also, the hair is short on the fur. Due to all these reasons, blue nose Pitbulls are not good swimmers.

Look at this Blue Nose Pitbull Swimming

Final Words

If you put blue nose Pitbulls in water, they will definitely swim. However, you have to take all the safety measures for your dog’s safety because they are not good swimmers. Their body structure, facial structure, and the way they move their limbs make it very hard for them to swim. If you want to improve their swimming technique, you have to introduce them to the pool from their childhood. While your blue nose Pitbull is swimming, try to stay by its side, never leave it alone.

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