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Do Blue Nose Pitbulls Drool? If Yes, then How Much?

Just like other dogs, blue nose Pitbulls also drool. However, they are not famous for the drooling breed because they don’t drool a lot. Drooling is a normal process for dogs, as their saliva helps them to digest their food. There is nothing wrong if a dog drool; you can consider it a natural part of its life. However, if a dog is drooling more than a normal routine, then it can be a health issue. Otherwise, consider it normal.

Do Blue Nose Pitbulls Drool

Drooling quantity and frequency varies from breed to breed. Some dog breeds drool a lot, while some breed drools less. Various reasons make them drool. The saliva that comes out of their mouth can serve various purposes. Those purposes include digestion, taste, smell,  and the health of the mouth. Saliva helps them in the following ways:

  • When the dog eats something, saliva helps the food to pass down the esophagus easily.
  • It also helps them in breaking down the food.
  • Drooling is also helpful in the prevention of injury. When dogs lick their wound, they clean off the wound in this way through their saliva. That’s how they can stop the infection.

Why Do Blue Nose Pitbulls Drool?

As mentioned earlier, blue nose Pitbulls don’t drool a lot. Still, they can drool for the following reasons:

  • If your blue nose Pitbull smells a food. Like you are cooking something. In this case, it may drool while thinking about the food.
  • If your dog is ill, in that case, it may drool as well. In this case, first, ensure your dog is actually ill. You may look for other symptoms; if it is ill, then take it to the veterinarian.
  • Your blue nose Pitbull may also drool if it is a male dog, and it smells female dog in heat.
  • It may drool when it is feeling nervous, or it is in stress. If the dog is nervous, you may find it panting or breathing heavily.

Why Don’t Blue Nose Pitbulls Drool A Lot?

Those dogs who have loose skin around their mouth drool a lot. It happens because the skin around the mouth collects and fills up with saliva, and then these kinds of dogs spit up the saliva either on the couch or on the floor. Examples of such dogs are Bulldogs, Basset Hounds, Mastiffs, and Newfoundland, etc. However, blue nose Pitbulls don’t have such kind of skin. That’s the reason they don’t drool a lot.

What if My Blue Nose Pitbull Starts Drooling too Much?

A normal and healthy blue nose Pitbull will never drool a lot. However, if it starts drooling too much, then there can be some health problems that you have to figure out.

Kidney or liver disease

If your dog has become the victim of kidney or liver disease, it may start to drool a lot. Normally it happens among the older dogs. If this is the case, take it to the veterinarian.

Harmful food

If the dog eats harmful or toxic food, it may start drooling a lot. Just like humans, toxic food also hurts the dogs. Feed healthy food to your blue nose Pitbull, which shouldn’t have toxins in it. Though you are giving good food to your dog, still ensure your dog is not eating insects or spiders as they are harmful to your dog.

Heatstroke can make your blue nose Pitbull drool a lot

Never leave your blue nose Pitbull in extremely hot weather, as it won’t enjoy such weather. It may start panting, and you may find it drooling a lot. That’s why keep your dog at a moderate temperature.

Final Words

You may find drooling annoying, but you have to accept the fact that dogs drool. Some drool a lot, while some drool a bit. The good news for the owners of blue nose Pitbulls is they drool a bit. It’s rare to find a blue nose Pitbull drooling; it happens when it feels happy, nervous, excited, or waiting for the food.

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