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Do Blue Nose Pitbulls Like Water? How to Teach them to Like Water?

Many dogs love to play in the water, but do blue nose Pitbulls like water? If you have a blue nose Pitbull in your home, you may want to know the answer. All the dogs are different; some love to play in the water because they enjoy having fun in the pool, river, or ocean. On the other hand, some dogs hesitate while going into the water because they are afraid of the water.

Do Blue Nose Pitbulls Like Water

If we talk about the blue nose Pitbulls, then most of them are afraid of water at the start. They will hesitate while going into the water for the first time. However, it doesn’t mean that they won’t like water for the entire life; you can introduce them to the water. With time, they will get comfortable with water. If you have one of these blue nose pits, then don’t worry. We’ll give you some tips to make blue nose Pitbulls fall in love with water.

Why Are Blue Nose Pitbulls Afraid of Water?

It can happen due to many reasons. Most of the time, it happens if your dog has gone through some trauma in childhood. For example, if as a puppy, it was thrown into the water against its will. Due to this kind of bad experience, it may feel uncomfortable going into the water. Usually, dogs don’t start swimming until they are at least six months old. If you force your dog to swim before that age, it will start to hate swimming.

Once you force your dog towards something that it doesn’t like, it will start hating you. It won’t trust you. So in the nervous condition, if you put it in the water, it will get scared and won’t like water.

Moreover, if your blue nose Pitbull is over six months, and it completely trusts you, even then, it may hesitate to jump into the water. Why is that? Because these dogs are not really good at swimming, and they haven’t experienced water playing before. However, it’s not something to worry about because this hesitation is only for the first few times. Just like everyone hesitates while trying something new, just like that, they also hesitate while jumping into the water at the beginning.

How to Teach Blue Nose Pitbulls to Like Water?

It’s ok if your blue nose Pitbull doesn’t like water. It’s just a hesitation that happens with most of these dogs at the beginning. We have few tips for you to teach your dog to start liking the water.

  • It’s better to introduce your blue nose Pitbull to water as early as possible once it is over six months old. Please don’t take it to the water before six months of its age. Otherwise, it may get scared of the water and start hating it.
  • Make sure your dog completely trusts you; only then can you eliminate its hesitation.
  • Don’t directly take your Pitbull to the big pool; start with the kiddie pool. That’s how your dog will start to get familiar with the water and starts to like it.
  • Play different games with your dog in the kiddie pool, so it increases its interest. Soon, you will notice that its hesitation is decreasing.
  • Increase the water level of the pool with time.
  • Once it is completely comfortable with the kiddie pool, take it to the big pool.
  • Now you have to be very careful. Don’t force your dog to jump directly into the water.
  • First, you go into the water, so your dog gets sure that there is nothing to worry about in the water.
  • Take all the safety measures, and always stay by your dog’s side while it is swimming.
  • Hold your dog while swimming, so it doesn’t get scared.
  • Take some water toys in the pool; it will help to engage its attention. That’s how your dog will spend quality time in the pool, and it will help him to start liking the water.

Final Words

Most of the blue nose Pitbulls hesitate while going into the water. It happens when you introduce them to the water for the first time. However, if you follow the tips that we have shared in this article, you will make blue nose Pitbulls start to like the water.

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