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Do Blue Nose Pitbulls Shed? Read Tips to Manage

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Many dogs have shedding season. Have you ever thought? Do blue nose Pitbulls shed? Shedding is a natural process that occurs in many dogs seasonally. During this process, dogs get rid of their old and damaged hair. We can’t say about the amount of fur that dogs shed because it varies from breed to breed and the number of coats dogs have. As some dogs have a single layer of coat, and some have a double layer. ┬áThe double layer of the coat means those dogs who have two layers of coat; the upper coat and the undercoat. Double coated dogs tend to shed more than single coated dogs.

Do Blue Nose Pitbulls Shed

Many owners feel frustrated when their dogs shed, but they should know that shedding is a natural process and healthy for dogs’ skin. However, we have no concern with the amount and shedding season of other dogs, as this article will only discuss the shedding of blue nose Pitbull

The answer is Yes, blue nose Pitbulls shed as well, but we know you are interested to know more about blue nose Pitbull shedding; that’s why we’ll answer all the questions related to that. Read the whole article to get in-depth knowledge.

How much do blue nose Pitbulls shed?

Normally, blue nose Pitbulls shed. They regularly shed throughout the year. Some blue nose Pitbulls shed more than the others; however, it depends upon many factors. Now you may wonder, blue nose Pitbull is a single coat dog, so how can it shed that much? Well, the look can be deceiving. But the good news is, even they shed throughout the year, but they are easy to groom.

Their hair is short, and they have a single short coat, so you’ll find the same amount of fur throughout the year. The amount of hair Pitbulls shed is less and not easily visible than other dogs with long hair. The visibility also depends upon the coat color of your Pitbull and the color of furniture and tiles at your home. If your blue nose Pitbull has a white color coat and the furniture is dark, its hair will be more visible.

Other Reasons for Blue Nose Pitbull Shedding

Though the shedding is normal, the frequency of shedding also depends upon many factors. If your blue nose Pitbull sheds more than normal, you have to find out the cause to treat the condition.


A wrong or unbalanced diet can increase the shedding frequency of a blue nose Pitbull. Make sure you are feeding your dog a healthy diet regularly. A healthy and well-balanced diet includes a combination of proteins, essential fatty acids, carbs, and vitamins. You can make a great combination by feeding your blue nose Pitbull various fruits, vegetables, and meats. A good and well-balanced diet decreases the shedding frequency of a blue nose Pitbull. Also, make sure your dog is not allergic to any food. If it is allergic to any food, avoid feeding that food to your dog. Otherwise, it can increase the shedding frequency.


Stress is another major reason that can cause hair loss to blue nose Pitbull. Now, you may wonder, what kind of stress does a dog can have? Well, if your dog is isolated from the family or a sudden change in your dog’s routine, these can be the reasons for stress. Try to find out the reason for stress and make your dog happy.

Skin problem

Skin problem is also one of the reasons that blue nose Pitbulls shed more. Pitbulls are already prone to many skin conditions. If your dog has any skin problem, it can cause hair loss.


Parasites like mites can also cause hair loss to your dog.


Some shampoos can also cause hair loss; if it is the reason, change the shampoo.

These are few reasons that can increase the shedding frequency of blue nose Pitbulls. However, taking your dog to the veterinarian is always the best option. So, without any delay, please book an appointment with a veterinarian so he/she can treat your dog.

How Can We Reduce the Shed Frequency of Blue Nose Pitbulls?

However, we have mentioned some problems that increase the shedding frequency. Apart from treating them, you can follow some tips that can help decrease your blue nose Pitbull’s shedding frequency.

Hair brushing

Hair Brushing

Brushing your blue nose Pitbull a few times a week is enough, as these dogs don’t have long hair. They have a short coat that can be easily managed. That’s how you can manage the shedding of this dog.

Give bath to your dog

give bath to your dog

The frequency of bathing majorly depends upon the time that your dog spends outside the home. Generally, you can give a bath at least once or a maximum of twice a month. This frequency is enough and helps to manage the shedding of Pitbull.


good diet can reduce shedding in blue nose Pitbulls

Always feed your dog with a variety of meals. Don’t just stick to one kind of food. The diet plan must contain a combination of vitamins, carbs, essential fats, and proteins. Consider including different fruits, vegetables, meats in the diet plan. A good diet plan can reduce the shedding frequency.


Shampoo Your Dog

Avoid giving baths to your dog with low quality and harsh shampoos, as the Pitbulls are sensitive to skin conditions. You can consult with the veterinarian or give a bath with a premium quality shampoo that is not harsh.

Final Words

We hope this article was beneficial for you. The blue nose Pitbulls shed throughout the year; even they have a single coat. However, their hair won’t be clearly visible on furniture like other dogs with long hair because Pitbull’s hair and coat are short. If the blue nose’s coat color and your furniture’s color are completely different, then the hair will be clearly visible. Many factors depend upon the frequency of shedding, which we have already discussed above. Make sure to go through all the guidelines.

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